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Last Updated: 2021-11-20

Version: 4.6.0


We Offer

Accelerate your business communication by installing Openfire AMI power-packed by Intuz for Amazon Web Services

About Openfire Stack

Openfire is an open-source, instant messaging and group chat server for the XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) which us written in Java. User-friendly, independent platform supports SSL and it has web based control admin. Easy to set-up yet fully secure chat server enables organizations to make quick and effective internal communication.

Key Features of Openfire Stack

  • It is easy to use with web UI
  • Open-source and cross-platform functionality
  • Openfire is integrated phpmyadmin and webmin for database and file transfer
  • It includes Password Recovery, Snapshot, Update and Webmin management scripts
  • RTC (Real Time Collaboration) server licensed which is under the open source Apache license
  • It uses well-known and highly used open protocol for quick messaging named XMPP (Jabber)

Openfire Paid Stack

Intuz Openfire Stack has apache, php, mysql, phpmyadmin, webmin, Openfire and scripts which makes the usage of Openfire stack easier and efficient. We creates and distributes AMI for the use of developers or any other person who likes to focus on managing their Application.

Included With Application

Build your chat application with secure, simple and fully-scalable Openfire Server

How To

Need Support to set-up Openfire Stack?

Applications Installed

Make the use of robust and powerful chat server to outrage your business communication functionality








Glimpses of the success our clients have achieved with Intuz’s solution

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