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Last Updated: 2021-09-16

Version: 1.35.1


We Offer

Enable your site users to expand their knowledge gaining experience easily by Intuz’s Mediawiki Stack for Amazon Web Services

About MediaWiki stack

MediaWiki is an open-source and free knowledge engine which helps you to collect and organize information and make it available to people. It is hosted by Wikipedia Foundation. MediaWiki is a feature-rich wiki platform implemented in PHP for processing and MYSQL to store the data in database.

Key Features of MediaWiki Stack:

  • Intuz MediaWiki is a pre-configured and ready-to-run image on Amazon EC2
  • It is integrated with PhpMyAdmin and webmin for file transfers
  • Include scripts for managing updates, snapshots, webmin and password recovery
  • Free, multi-lingual, reliable and open-source platform

MediaWiki Paid Stack

Intuz MediaWiki has APACHE2, MYSQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin, Webmin, MediaWiki and scripts for managing essential credentials, quick updates and making your work easy by using snapshots scripts.

Included With Application

Launch MediaWiki AMI Stack by referring all the resources developed by Intuz

How To

Need Support to install MediaWiki Stack?

Applications Installed

Install MediaWiki AMI with collection of latest version applications available at AWS Marketplace







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