ELK Stack Container

Category: Issue and Bug Tracking

Last Updated: 2021-09-16

Version: 7.12

We Offer

Intuz offers ELK Stack to businesses to deploy a central hub for identifying, discussing, and resolving bugs and issues in their systems.

About ELK Container

ELK CN is a free and open-source platform that helps pull data from multiple sources in any format, and visualizes it in real-time. It includes Logstash, Kibana and Elasticsearch.

Unfortunately, it does not support integration with phpMyadmin and Webmin for database management.

Key Features Of ELK Container

  • Its installation can be done in an hour.
  • Intuz ELK Stack Container is ready to run Amazon ECS.
  • To launch the docker, you just need to access the Kibana dashboard.
  • The container activates encryption for connections to the ELK CN database.
  • Schedule and manage containers on a scalable cluster of virtual machines as per your business requirements.

Included With Application

Enjoy seamless bug tracking power with ELK stack — capture and resolve software issues hassle-free

How To

Require any assistance with ELK stack? No worries!

Applications Installed

Our open-source and dynamic ELK stack installers are easy to work with and up-to-date.

ELK Stack





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