Steps to Integrate Kanboard with Gitlab

  1. Open GitLab using public-instance-ip of your instance. Then login using username as root and password as “instance-id”
  2. Now, Click on the icon as shown in the below image to access the admin panel
    Step 2
  3. Click on Applications
  4. Select Kanboard and press edit button
    Step 4
  5. Now, Replace the old ip with the public ip of your instance and Click on Submit
    Step 5
  6. Copy the Application-ID and Secret in text file as we will need these details further in our setup.
    Step 6
  7. Now open a new tab in the browser, enter public-ip of your instance with port 8000 to see Kanboard Admin Panel. URL : http://instance-public-ip:8000
  8. You will see login screen, enter admin as username and Password as “instance-id”.
  9. Go over to the right corner of the Kanboard Console and click on the round icon with A letter in it and then click on the round icon with A letter in it and then click on Settings.
    Step 9
  10. Next, Click on Integrations

    Step 10
  11. Enter your GitLab Client ID (Application ID) and GitLab Client Secret (Secret) that you have copied earlier in step 6. Change the ip in the GitLab Authorize URL, GitLab Token URL and GitLab API URL with the public ip your instance and Click Save
    Step 11
  12. After saving the changes , Click on the round icon with letter A in the right top corner and Click Logout

    Step 12
  13. Now, when you login again you will see Login with my GitLab Account. Click on that
    Step 13
  14. You are done with integrating Kanboard

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