How to Set-up CloudFormation?

Detail Guide on how to set-up CloudFormation to launch your AMI easily and quickly

  1. Enter or Specify the Stack name to launch the CloudFormation
    Step 1
  2. Select the Primary Availability Zone for EC2 and RDS instance
    Step 2
  3. Select the Secondary Availability Zone for Salve RDS Database
    Note: Do not use the same AZ as Master RDS
    Step 3

  4. Select the Instance Type as per your requirement
    Step 4
  5. Select the existing Key pair to enable SSH access for the instance
    Step 5
  6. Place the ip address range that can be used to SSH to the EC2 Instance
    Step 6
  7. Enter the EC2 AutoScaling Configuration Details
    Step 7
  8. Enter details for RDS Configuration : Instance Type, MySQL Admin Password, Multi-AZ Database and DB Allocated Storage.
    Step 8
  9. Tag your AWS Resources with Key and its Value For eg: Name (Key) :  App Name(Value)
    Step 9
  10. Now, Click on Next
    Step 10
  11. Check the CloudFormation Configuration and if there is no change, Click on Create 
    Step 11
  12. Once you Click on Create it will start the CloudFormation Setup and this process will take up to 30-35 minutes
    Step 12
  13. Now, you can check the Setup is Complete and it will show as CREATE_COMPLETE
    Step 13
    Note: For application specific launch steps, refer detail AMI page.

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