Steps for Update Management

Note: For Update Management we have created the scripts which help you to update and upgrade the packages and dependencies of the AMI. This script will create a cron for automatic Update and Upgrade at 1:00 AM UTC. By default we are not running this script, you have to run the script into the terminal with the instance login method and then type the below command

sudo bash /var/www/html/iscripts/

1. After logging into AWS, select the preferred region, Then select the EC2 service

After logging into AWS

2. Click on Instances and then select your instance to Connect

 Click on Instances

3. After Selecting connect. You will see a page similar to below image.

Windows Users: Please convert .pem key to ppk via puttykeygen software. You can follow this by step-1 in the image to access your instance.
UNIX/LINUX/MAC Users: Go to the location of .pem key and follow the step-3 from the image given below in your terminal to give permissions to the pem file.
Next, you can execute the command in your terminal for accessing the server which can be found in the Example section of the image given below.
(Remember this command runs only in .pem key location and use 'ubuntu' or 'ec2-user' instead of root).

After Selecting connect.

4. To connect to the instance, execute the below command
Note: Your user might be ubuntu or ec2-user instead root

To connect to the instance,

5. Update and Upgrade dependencies and package

Execute the command “sudo bash /var/www/html/iscripts/”.
Run the command as per the application need. Also, this will upgrade your OS

Update and Upgrade dependencies and package

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