Steps for Password Management

Note: For running the script you need to install AWS CLI in the terminal with user ubuntu. You can install by typing sudo apt-get install awscli –y OR you can refer the following URL you installed the AWS CLI you need to enter the AWS IAM user credentials by typing aws configure.

For Password Management, we have created the script which helps you to change the password for the application user admin or any other user in case you forgot your password. By default we are not running the script, you can run it by logging into the terminal or shell with the instance login method and then type the below command: sudo bash /var/www/html/iscripts/ 
sudo bash /var/www/html/iscripts/

1. After logging into AWS, select the preferred region, Then select the EC2 service

2. Click on Instances and then select your instance to Connect

3. After Selecting connect. You will see a page similar to below image.

4. To connect to the instance, execute the below command
Note: Your user might be ubuntu or ec2-user instead root

5. Once you log in into your system, execute the command “sudo bash /var/www/html/iscripts/”

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