How to access Discourse AMI?

Installation steps

ssh into the instance

Type cd /var/discourse/
Now, run sudo ./launcher rebuild app
Note: This rebuilding process can take upto 10-15 mins

Then, open the discourse URL http://instance-public-ip/
Once the rebuilding process is finished create admin account from the steps below.

Creating Admin Account for Discourse

Enter the Discourse Container:
- cd /var/discourse/
- ./launcher enter app

Creating Admin account:
- rake admin:create
- It will ask for Email and Password enter the details accordingly.
- The user name will be displayed on the screen once the user is created.
- To change the username to admin run the below command.
rake users:rename['old_username','admin']
- Once done it will show User Renamed!.
- To Exit the Container press CTRL+D

Discourse Files and Folder

Main Directory : /var/discourse

Config file : /var/discourse/container/app.yml

Instance Login


sudo chmod 400 yourpemkeyname.pem
ssh -i yourpemkeyname.pem ubuntu@yourinstanceip

Domain Settings
If you want to attach a domain , please remove the ip automation script by typing :
sudo rm /var/discourse/

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