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Digital Transformation is the new buzzword for businesses across industry domains. The worldwide digital transformation spending has increased 17.8% to a level of USD 1.2 trillion in 2017 and is expected to cross USD 2 trillion by 2020. Digital transformation is essential owing to evolving customer behavior and competitive pressures. In such an environment, it is really important to have a solid strategy and professional digital transformation support to accelerate the pace of digital transformation for your enterprise.

The Importance of Serious Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital transformation is not any packaged bundled that can be picked off-the-shelf and implemented for best efforts. In fact, every industry has a different set of requirements when it comes to digital transformation.

As digital transformation is the incorporation of new technologies and processes to add value to a customer’s life and become agile in a competitive and dynamic economy, it is important for an enterprise to invest wisely in the formulation of a structured and personalized digital transformation strategy. Instead of haphazard efforts and an unplanned approach, every enterprise must focus on having a strong assistance from a player that has deep industry knowledge as well as an insightful understanding of different digital transformational approaches for best results.

Taking The Investment Decision: Where, How & How Much To Invest?

Creating a digital transformation strategy is never being a piece of cake for an enterprise. As change is disliked by every human, choosing to change current processes for future benefit can backfire. Not only will the employees despise such a decision, but the management too can be confused about where, how and how much to invest for digital transformation.

Optimizing Processes for Improving Efficiencies

The biggest transformation challenge and opportunity at the same time are improving the efficiencies of existing business processes. An enterprise can focus on improving workflow optimization, collaboration optimization, and information management optimization. This will empower the organization to improve business efficiencies.

Optimizing business processes is never an easy task. Not only it will require disruption of the existing business process, but at the same time, require the support of a professional person who understands your core business process and can chart out the course of action for improvements due to digital transformation.

Data Management & Analysis

Data is the most precious asset in the digital economy. As an organization, your digital transformation efforts should focus on collecting, storing and analyzing the maximum amount of relevant data. This will help the top management to make informed decisions, while at the same time help to understand end-consumers in a better way. Intelligent insights powered by big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence should be the core focus area of a digital transformation strategy.

The ever-increasing data owing to digital revolution poses a challenge for data management. Not only a business will have to think about cloud capabilities and analytics, but also focus on getting a strong and reliable expert that can create data storage and management capabilities for the future.

Talent Acquisition & Customer Support

Organizations are expected to be agiler in the present dynamic global economy. As a business, you are expected to be equipped with the right talent to handle customer grievances. This poses a challenge and utilizing the potential of digital technologies for the transformation of your HR & customer support functions can help you fight and overcome the challenge.

Having an efficient talent pool is a challenge as a business cannot properly gauge a person’s ability without a proof of work. Also, as real-time challenges, while work cannot be imitated in advance, technology can help by improving capabilities of the existing workforce while at the same time help in identifying the right talent through proper screening and analytics.

Addressing the Digital Transformation Challenge: The Need for A Professional Approach

Digital transformation is one of the most confusing spheres for an enterprise, at present. Though business leaders vouch for its benefits, they are still unclear on how to invest in digital transformation and chart out a plan for their organization. Instead of just thinking about it as another business sphere, the digital transformation must be seen as a specialized facilitator that can outline the future growth plan for a business. Also, professional help must be sought in order to get the best out of digital transformation efforts.

For choosing a professional agency, it is essential to gauge the agency on factors such as upgraded technical expertise, experience in developing real-world solutions, understanding of your industry domain, and added advantages to make your app idea successful & run smoothly throughout its life. Instead of just relying on an amateur, a business must try to invest in an agency that has demonstrated a track record of working on real-life transformation solutions enriched with productivity and innovations.

Ensuring Your Digital Transformation Investment with Proof-of-Concept Development

In a competitive landscape, every minute wasted is an opportunity lost. Such a scenario calls for action on part of enterprises to choose a professional digital transformation partner who can chart out strategies and at the same time actualize their plans of transforming their organization for better output.

Agencies who can provide you the proof-of-concept(POC) with scalability promise are highly recommended. POC development is an opportunity to test your app concept and technical feasibility in the real world before you invest and risk entire app development.

Before handing the task of digital transformation of your business, you must identify that the professional support partner you hire can prove the idea with a tested and scalable proof-of-concept. This will secure your investment against the risk of development disaster as well as ensure higher chances of success in your endeavour towards digital transformation.

Intuz has helped hundreds of global enterprises from different industries owing to its strong digital transformation capabilities. Intuz has a strong team of digital transformation strategists, innovative tech evangelists, and creative designers who actualize the dream of digital transformation with excellence. The company’s app consultation efficiency and proof-oriented development approach helps organizations in taking a value-based digital transformation decision.


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