Latest ASO Guidelines For Apple App Store: Rules Of The Game

Published 2 Nov 2021Updated 25 Apr 2023

Over a period of time, Apple is celebrating tremendous increment in the iPhone fan following and user base. Since the first release in 2007, iPhone has always seized the attention of users. With the unique Operating System (OS) and incredible features, Apple is the prime preference for a particular user segment even after nine years. Though iPhone has a fierce competition with other OS and devices, the magic is still blowing the mind of users who are passionate to try each new version of it.

Businesses, who are investing their time and money for exclusive business expansion, cannot miss the chance to interact with an ample user base of iPhone. From corporate to small enterprises have started to adopt the iPhone app development as their integral business strategy to win over the larger market. This race results in 2 million apps on Apple app store until June 2016.

Table of Content

  • Explore ASO Concept
    • #1. Keywords
      • Keyword Research
      • #2. App Title
        • #3. Description
          • #4. Screenshots
            • #5. Icons
              • #6. Video
                • #7. Reviews and Ratings
                  • #8. Category
                    • #9. Localization
                      • #10. Analytics
                      apps on Apple Appstore

                      Source: Statista

                      OMG, what a huge number it is!

                      Do you feel just the development and launch of an app on Apple can serve your purpose? What about the visibility of your app amongst 2 million apps?

                      Here is the crux of the matter. Of course! Premier app visibility on Tunes app store matters a lot to stay competitive. You may think a new headache again is resolve. However, it is not so. It can be achievable with a streamlined and proven app marketing strategy called App Store Optimization (ASO). Execution of a perfect ASO ensures businesses to attain top rank in an app store search.

                      Explore ASO Concept

                      ASO follows quite similar practices like Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is used for the web page rank optimization on different search engines while ASO is used to get higher visibility in app store search results.

                      To improve the app rank on Apple app store, marketers have to understand the Apple’s algorithm for app optimization. The algorithm classifies and ranks the app after analyzing various factors. Actually, no one has the exact idea how the Apple algorithm works. But, Apple has announced several guidelines that help marketers and businesses to get a brief understanding about the app rank optimization on Apple.

                      Let’s explore the key practices of ASO that have good universal appeal.

                      ASO for Apple App Store

                      #1. Keywords

                      It is similar to SEO. Create the title, metadata and description of the app by choosing and inserting the appropriate keywords.

                      Apple allows to cover only 100 characters under the keywords. So, be careful and precise while picking the keywords for the app. To get best ASO results, use a most popular keyword in the description maximum five times.

                      Keyword Research

                      To search out relevant keywords, utilize various designated tools such as App Annie and Sensor Tower. Opt for high traffic keywords that are used by the low or moderate number of apps and gain better app rank on Apple app store.

                      Go for the competitors’ research as well! Analyze the keywords used by competitors to get the idea of what users are looking for when they search for that term. Play with the keywords in a distinct way to stand out of the top apps. It improves app visibility, downloads, and installation.

                      Detailed keywords research gives a clear idea about the difficult, demand and traffic for those keywords. It also exhibits how many Apple apps are already using them.

                      #2. App Title

                      While deciding a name of your app, make sure that it must convey to users what the app is all about. A thoughtful title aids in increasing the app ranking.

                      After the change of September 7, 2016, Apple store permits marketers to use the title of 50 characters max. It must be descriptive, keyword rich and unique. So, set a creative and intelligent title as the app name.

                      #3. Description

                      Keep the app description clean and short. Explain what the app does, how it addresses user’s issues and why it’s unique within 2 or 3 lines. App description should be so precise that users can make a decision about app installation within few seconds.

                      #4. Screenshots

                      High-quality screenshots with attractive colors and cool animations aid in grabbing the user’s attention. Consider screenshots as a virtual flipbook and app store as an advertising platform, accordingly, create brilliant screenshots that insist users for app downloading.

                      #5. Icons

                      Redesign icons of the app and make them self-explanatory to give users a sense of what is the flow of the app. It must be eye catchy, engaging and unique in terms of color and design. To create visually appealing icons, apply a border around the icon and give 3D effect to the picture of a flat icon.

                      #6. Video

                      Prepare a video of key features and functionalities of the app and publish it on Apple app store. Through the video, inform the users what your product does. Also, showcase how creative the people are who incepted and developed the product.

                      Video gives the sense of a live event that appeals more to customers. An appropriate video trailer immensely increases the app downloads and installations.

                      #7. Reviews and Ratings

                      When users go to an app download, they first check out the app reviews and ratings. Positive reviews and ratings improve their trust and the app rank too. Honest reviews from genuine users, who have actually downloaded and used the app, increase the credibility of your app.

                      Push notifications can be used to encourage the target audience to review the app. By offering in-app pop-up notifications, ask users to leave good reviews.

                      #8. Category

                      Selection of right and relevant category helps users who are searching for apps through categories. Being a white hat ASO practice, it influences a lot to app ranking.

                      An incorrect category selection can drive troubles as Apple reviews the app before publishes it on the Apple app store. In case, if they encounter with a wrong category app, the app will simply get rejected.

                      #9. Localization

                      App localization is necessary to get noticed by target market and increase the app downloads. For example; if you want a successful penetration in China market, then the app information must be presented in the Chinese. Moreover, every region requires different keywords as per the search pattern of local users.

                      #10. Analytics

                      Now, you have done with the one-time efforts for your app optimization on Apple app store. But, it’s not over yet. To maintain the app rank, above practices must be performed on regular basis. Measure the app results through analytics and accordingly try different keywords, description, screenshots, content, title, and much more. Keep trying variations in all ASO practices to be the crown of Apple app store.

                      So, are you ready to hijack the top position from your competitors on Apple app store?

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