How Byod is Profitable for Your Organization?

Understand the efficiency and potential of BOYD concept in driving opportunities for your business

Published 10 Nov 2021Updated 10 Nov 2021
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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) facilitates employees with high-end flexibility by allowing them to use their smartphones, tablets, and laptops to perform the office tasks. Along with commercial businesses, BYOD is now widely adopted by several, not for profit organizations.

When BYOD was at emerging stage, company data security was a key concern. Gradually, the internal IT policies of enterprises became more efficient for data security and risk areas of using BYOD. Clarity about the efficiency and potential of BOYD concept in driving opportunities has increased over a period of ten years.

Better Productivity

BYOD offers cutting-edge advantages to employers as well as employees. It’s a perfect channel to set transparent and instant communication across management, partners, employees and customers.

Employees can have real-time access to essential company data to resolve end customers’ issues. They can assign and submit the task using enterprise mobility. BYOD supports employees to interact with the internal resources whenever required.

With BYOD, organizations avail elimination of tedious paperwork, improvement in accuracy, and automation of entire operational workflow. All these together help businesses in gaining better productivity from the employees.

Increased Work Time

Implementation of BYOD technique creates a positive impact on the profitability of businesses. If employees have mobiles and connectivity, they will work for the extra time in a day to accomplish their tasks.

To know the financial impact of BYOD implementation, Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) conducted a survey across six leading countries.

As per the survey, “The average BYOD user across countries saves 37 minutes per week thanks to using his or her own device, with a high of 81 minutes per week in the United States and a low of 4 minutes per week in Germany.”    

Improved Team Efficiency

Any best designed enterprise mobile and web app is not worth if there are issues with internet connectivity. Facilitate the field workers Wi-Fi accessibility at the workplace, out of the office, and during traveling time when they are on duty. So, they can perform the operations without any disruption. Other option is to tie up with an expert mobile app development company that builds few advanced functions that permits employees to perform key tasks in offline mode. While the on-field workers get internet connectivity, they can submit their offline work and the data gets updated automatically. Thus, by allowing employees to perform the work consistently, BYOD inspires them to work longer and harder with greater dedication.

Enhanced Flexibility

With BYOD, employees have freedom to complete their task without time and place constraints. According to a survey from CIO, “The average BYOD-carrying employee works an extra two hours and sends 20 more emails every day. One out of three BYOD employees checks works email before the official start of their workday, between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m.” As people are more familiar with their own devices, they work more comfortably and quickly. It also eliminates the learning curve of a new hardware device to perform the tasks.

Set Up Greater Security Standards

When it comes to working with BYOD, employees see it as a perk. It makes their life more convenient and flexible along with forward thinking approach. However, the risks associated with corporate data accessibility at personal devices are often ignored.

Before implementing BYOD concept, employers have to increase the security standards and carry out a full risk management process to get protection against various threats. Make the Wi-Fi connection secured for safe data accessibility. Other mitigations such as passcodes, sandboxing, anti-malware, remote wipe and encryption enable companies to derive the usability benefits of BYOD with secure data access.


With the execution of BYOD strategy, employers can deliver work satisfaction to the employees by allowing them to work as per their flexibility and to make the best use of their time. Apart from this, they have to define a very clear and transparent policy about what they are expecting from employees. Additionally, BYOD will soon become the part of cloud- based technologies that offer more collaborative work space with increased work productivity. Stay tuned for more interesting blogs!

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