Big Data And Mobile Apps: A Cool And Cognitive Combo

Published 29 Oct 2021Updated 17 Apr 2023

It seems like cloud computing technologies are participating in a race where they are consistently trying to set their essentials over others. One of such trending technologies is Big Data. Since data has started generating bucks for the businesses, they consider “Data is money.”

Beyond an emerging technology, big data is the future of tech and biz world. It’s a key to unlock various opportunities for private and public sectors. Grouping of web applications and big data is quite obsolete. It’s the time for mobility! When big data shakes hand with mobile apps, it drives extreme flexibility for users by allowing them to access massive information within no time and make data-driven decisions.

Excited to learn how? Let’s get into the details mobile apps and big data together works as a magic for organizations in making strategic decisions.

How Big Data and Mobile Apps Work Hand in Hand?

Smartphone might be the only thing that you carry throughout the day. Except sleeping time, we habituate to play with our cells for productive or entertaining reasons. While involved with mobiles, we always stay online and perform various activities on versatile apps.

Let’s say an example; when you play the Subway Surfer, the app collects numerous information. The data enable game developers with the insights what are the hard or easy stages for users, when and where users leave the game, what excite them the most, which type of reward patterns affect the players, with which UI/UX they interact most, and what not.

Big data not only collects and stores this information but also filters it, analyses it and presents in a meaningful format. Well-processed data facilitates the developers with more practical insights to make better decisions. They can analyze and understand user behavior in the game and accordingly optimize the UI/UX and development of the app to deliver more exciting user experience.

Authenticated web or mobile applications scrutinize the data and facilitate the organizations with a well-organized data structure for a large volume and variety. Companies can learn about users’ behavior, usage pattern, demographics, the area of interest, and many more details.

Moreover, mobile apps collect the data through transactions or social media or sensors or locations. A mixture of big data and mobility enables businesses with better decision making, greater user engagement, reaching out to a targeted customer base, and tremendous improvements in sales and ROI.

Big Data Are Getting Larger Than Life. Here’s How…

We have already learned about how big data and mobile apps help biz world in making important business decisions. While big data don’t limit itself there only. It has started playing a key role as a great source of information for governments (politics), public sector organizations (aircraft, space, weather), and layman (stock market).

Let’s move ahead to overview the expansion of big data powered by mobility in the unexpected fields.

Poll Collecting Platform

U.S. presidential election 2016 and Brexit are the most suitable examples to prove that big data enable candidates to strategize their political move. It drives the tradition campaigning pattern to an entirely new paradigm. Similar to companies, politicians can identify the supporters, connect with them and target them with appealing advertisement and favourable content.

Politicians can leverage Microtargeting out of big data. Rather than investing efforts to impress voter throughout the country, they recognize and target a specific segment of supporters in various cities and states. Big data offer personal information of voters and an overview of their key concerns. It helps political parties to improve the next campaign and position their selves more positively. They can easily impress a specific group or individual voter in an engaging way.
A well-established mobile app development company build robust applications that fetch the information from big data. Integration of next-generation analytic tools facilitates political parties to review the relevant data in a meaningful way and define a solid strategy and campaign to approach voters.

Recommendation Engine

Groundless predictions are not valuable. It must be supported by proofs or recommendations. Let’s have an example of games like the Cricket World Cup or Rio. We all are excited to know who will win. People are making endless guesses. Here big data come into the picture. People across the world share their predictions at versatile online platforms.

Big data analyze those anticipations and enable users with an ultimate recommendation for winners. With the highly dynamic and big data integrated mobile apps, fans can receive recommendations for the winning team on their smartphone screen.

Real-time Data Analyzer

There are many public and private organizations that have to analyze the data in real-time to make important decisions in time. Let’s talk about the Stock market. It contains a pool of information about stock pricing that keeps changing within a fraction of a second. To facilitate investors with profit making decisions, big data process the millions of data in real time and deliver the accurate results. Using big data enabled mobile applications, investors can check out the latest price of their stocks. They can also purchase or sell the stocks through the mobile app.

Sensor Based Data Tracking

Big data is the blessing for space and weather departments of any country as well as the aviation industry. While moving towards space, space shuttles gather various information of internal resources and external surroundings. Through the injected sensors, it collects the information and delivers to the cloud. Big data analyze the unstructured information and convert them into a logical and structured format. The scientists see all the processed data on their computers and learn about the real-time situation of the space shuttle in the cosmos. They can also control the space shuttles remotely using revolutionary IT technologies.
Bib data work for the weather department in a similar way. They collect various climate information through sensors, process it and represent it in a logical form. Again, big data helps the meteorological department by allowing to make the most reliable weather forecasting based on real-time data.

Aviation industry uses the big data to track the real-time location and condition of the aircraft flying in different continents at the same time. Aerospace contains sensors into the different parts of its body. All these sensors collect the relevant details and deliver it to the control room as well as pilots in real-time. Here big data helps the aviation staff to learn about defects in any part of the aircraft or any emergency by facilitating them with minor details.

Sensor-based data processing requires integration of numerous advanced tools and technologies. So, it is a bit harder to run and manage multiple data at a time from a mobile app. But of course, with the support of IoT and big data, mobile applications can collect and analyze the massive data up to some extent and deliver the exact result.

Big data is getting bigger indeed. These are a few non-traditional usages of big data that proves the improving importance of data in the upcoming time. Big data based mobile apps either it is developed for profit driven or non-profit organizations, it delivers assured result by analyzing a pool of data.
Intuz is willing to build breakthrough mobile apps that work with the integration of big data, cloud, and IoT. We are excited to entertain the projects that help our clients in making smart business decisions. Let’s work together to develop industry best mobile app for your organization.

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