App Promo Videos–Unbeatable Strategy To Boost Conversion Rate

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Client: Hey, I have my app onboard since more than a year. Everything is so perfect with it. But then why am I not able to attain expected numbers of installs? I really don’t know What’s wrong with my app? What’s missing out there? 

App Marketing Expert: Let’s have a post mortem (of course, it’s about the app only)

Are you quite sure about the functional effectiveness of the app?

Client: Yes, I am. I use it on a daily basis to check out its flawlessness.

App Marketing Expert: Ok. Then, let’s talk about your ongoing app marketing efforts. What are your existing app marketing strategies ? Are you practicing ASO activities regularly for your app?

Client: Well, I have hired an app marketing expert for that. He is taking care of ASO stuff, so don’t have a brief idea on this.

App Marketing Expert: (while reviewing the app) your app is definitely engaging and working seamlessly. But it seems like your app marketing efforts are not channelized. Anyways, don’t worry. We will help you out to boost your app downloads. Let’s start with creating an amazing video of your app.

App Store Video is one of the latest and hottest trends in the sphere of app marketing. However, publishing a right app video on Play Store Video (Android) and App Preview Video (iOS) is a challenge to achieve. Primarily, very few people actually play the entire video while they land on an app store. Secondly, production costs can make it pricey to optimize and test.

A good video does not merely help to set up an exclusive conversation channel. It improves Life Time Value of an app. According to a survey, if users prefer to watch the app video, they are more likely to use the respective app in post download phase.

Improve Engagement

stats of impact of videos on app installs

(Source: apptamin)

Video drives assured visual richness. It is an excellent medium to convey the messages effectively that is quite difficult to attain through static images and text. Educate the users by creating and posting an incredible video of your app on App Preview or Play Store.

Installers can understand app’s value proposition. Also, video represents a more precise simulation of your app’s experience. More importantly, it facilitates users to have exact idea about your product.

So, video brings more potential and genuine visitors that boast stronger KPIs.

number of users click to watch videos of app

(Source: apptamin)

These days, videos are highly accessible on the mobile through various apps. They are amassing billions of streams and hosting millions of videos. Moreover, users tend to watch the short video having strong visual appeals using their handheld devices.

What Makes App Video Stand Out?

Video Length

Keep video length as short as possible. Well, Apple accepts 15-30 second videos. However, Android permits to go wild with the video length. So, make the video as long as you want.

It is highly suggestive not to try to exhibit everything in one video. Use this platform to create curiosity and temptation in the mind of users.

Video Content

Video must contain a precise and convincing message to draw user engagement and boost installs. Try to display why users need your product and not how to use it.


What qualities are you expecting from a gaming app? Narratives, graphics, UX, animations, actual game machines, etc. Here, video attracts more users compared to images as it represents real excitements and look of actual game.

Billions of gaming apps are in the market. While creating app video, cover all key differentiators of your app and highlight them to grab users’ attention.

Non-Gaming Apps

It is quite tough to create completely out of the world design animations and UI/UX. Thus, convey value propositions of your app through the video to convince the people and maximize the app downloads.

Narration and Sound

Obviously, when an app has good narration, background music, and SFX, people love to access it frequently. But mostly people used to access the videos at public places where their smartphones are silenced.

Create an effective mute video. You can take inspiration from the social networks. These days, you might have observed videos start playing automatically on social networks and engage users with callouts, time transition screens, and subtitles that contextualize the rich visual experience.

First Impression

Usually, people spend 3-5 seconds on an app store page to install or ignore an app without even browsing all details.

percentage of users downloads apps on app store

(Source: apptamin)

Create a video to facilitate them with a quick understanding of why they need the app and what the app is all about.

Additionally, video improves user engagement, decreases bounce rate and ultimately boosts conversion rate.

Android allows to present the video on the top of your app page. So, there are more chances users play the video to make a decision.

On iOS, video needs to be displayed in poster frame as the first screenshot. So, select your poster frame wisely to create first impression on the users.

percentage of users watching videos on app store

(Source: apptamin)

Wrapping Up

Let your app video talk to installers. Make it vibrant by unveiling all the exceptional capabilities. Add a “Wow” effect in your video to mesmerize the users and insist them to move ahead for app or game install.

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