AI-Powered Fantasy Sports: Making Informed Picks with Data Analytics

AI in fantasy sports is making new strides as we speak. While it is helping users gain valuable insights from the application itself, it is also personalizing user experiences. AI is used in fantasy sports to get real-time recommendations based on accurate and detailed analysis. As a result, the users can make better and more informed decisions in the context of their game. 

Published 6 Oct 2023Updated 13 Jun 2024

Table of Content

  • Details on the Fantasy Sports Market
    • Use of AI in Fantasy Sports
      • 1. Data Analytics
        • 2. Predictive Analysis
          • 3. Optimize the Player Lineup
            • 4. Bring in Chatbots for Assistance
              • 5. Better Simulation of the Game
              • Real-World Use Cases of AI in Fantasy Sports
                • 1. Yahoo Fantasy Sports
                  • 2. DraftKings
                    • 3. SportsLine
                      • 4. IBM Watson for Fantasy Golf
                      • Conclusion

                        Artificial intelligence is at the forefront of human evolution, from enhancing our lifestyle to improving how we work, enjoy, play, etc. But did you know that AI is also changing the sports industry? It helps analyze large amounts of data, helps managers understand player performance, simplifies decision-making, and provides predictive analytics services. 

                        Not only is AI transforming physical sports, but is also catalyzing advantageous changes in fantasy sports. Today, we are going to get into the details of how AI is making fantasy sports more enjoyable, precise, and information-driven. 

                        Details on the Fantasy Sports Market

                        Fantasy sports has grown from a simple time pass activity to a professional activity. Individuals spend hours on making teams, competing with other players, and winning huge sums of money by implementing their knowledge of the game, its players, and its rules. 

                        Today, the fantasy sports market is worth $26.98 billion, and by 2028, it will grow to $49.53 billion. This means a CAGR of 12.92% over the next five years. The growth is credited to several factors, including;

                        • Proliferation of the required infrastructure
                        • Rise in the interest levels of individuals
                        • Increase in investment into the industry

                        The fantasy sports segment has different games, out of which football, baseball, basketball, and cricket are the most popular. Technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and machine learning play an important role in the growth and adoption of fantasy sports. Moreover, in countries where the adoption rates of advanced technologies is higher, fantasy sports have shown better growth. Among other technologies, artificial intelligence is helping individuals make better decisions and 

                        Use of AI in Fantasy Sports

                        Companies working towards the development of technologies for fantasy sports claim that they are working to improve user experiences. They are helping the players leverage technology to make better decisions, which can lead to big winnings and satisfaction.

                        Let’s see five examples of how AI is making sports better;

                        1. Data Analytics

                        For any fantasy sports, data is the lifeblood, and AI is helping turn that data into recommendations. Every action a player takes in the game is recorded, understood, and decoded by AI tools. IBM’s Watson is helping managers and players with this purpose. 

                        In any game, virtual or physical, data and numbers are of paramount importance. However, understanding this data is even more important as, without proper analysis, you cannot expect to gain any credible information. 

                        AI uses sophisticated algorithms and pattern analysis to turn unstructured data into actionable information. AI can provide precise and nuanced insights. For instance, it can tell you which players perform better on wet grass, which bowlers can bowl well on a dry pitch, etc. 

                        This is just an example. AI can go further deep into individual player performance, game environment, play conditions, etc., to provide timely and precise insights. 

                        2. Predictive Analysis

                        Taking our point on data analysis forward, AI can deliver predictive analytics with the help of machine learning. Using historical data, AI models can make future predictions and help you make better decisions. 

                        For predictive analytics, the AI models rely on lesser-known variables like player morale, past injuries, weather conditions of the ground or area, and even the locker-room environment. 

                        Using this information it extrapolates a player’s performance specific to the conditions of the future and provides results. Using this information, managers and players can play with better excitement and sophistication. 

                        3. Optimize the Player Lineup

                        AI can become a powerful tool for game managers and fantasy sports players to build the best lineup. After taking into account player preferences, historical performance data, and league settings of the users, AI can deliver lineup recommendations. 

                        Moreover, combined with its predictive analytics system, the AI tool can suggest the best lineup for future matches. Using data, AI can help with choosing the best players and increase the chances of winning the game. 

                        Experienced managers use AI as an assistant to make better decisions than beginners. But beginners can use AI to learn more about the game and its players. 

                        4. Bring in Chatbots for Assistance

                        When AI is used in sports app development, the purpose is not to replace humans but to augment their thinking. Application developers are also using chatbots powered by AI to help users get better results with their fantasy sports games. 

                        AI-powered chatbots have a wide range of applications and capabilities. They can answer your questions when asked and provide automatic recommendations based on data analysis. 

                        Where chatbots can assist with instant queries and provide bespoke resolutions, they can also guide and tutor the users. Where experienced fantasy sports players can also rely on chatbots, beginner players will need assistance understanding the game first. 

                        Chatbots can become a user’s personal assistant and help them understand the game better. 

                        5. Better Simulation of the Game

                        AI is here to create better game experiences for the players while ensuring fair gameplay. AI integrated into a fantasy sports app can simulate hundreds of gameplay scenarios. Using the information, AI can also uncover bugs in the game and optimize the game mechanics. 

                        It can simulate real-world scenarios and make virtual experiences more realistic. Moreover, AI can adjust game dynamics according to the player’s real-world performance, injuries, etc. 

                        Using information like the player's emotional state and capability, AI can assist users in tailoring the game. As a result, users can experience better gameplay and game dynamics. 

                        As a result, AI is becoming the backbone of fantasy sports. For sports app development, AI is opening up new avenues for development and creativity in the fantasy sports industry. 

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                        Real-World Use Cases of AI in Fantasy Sports

                        AI in fantasy sports is becoming a reality as we present the following applications and solutions. These are some of the applications that are currently working with the help of AI and making fantasy sports better. 

                        1. Yahoo Fantasy Sports

                        On Yahoo Fantasy Sports, users get player lineup recommendations, which means they can build a strong team according to their preferences and current situation. 

                        It provides these recommendations based on the player preferences, application settings, and historical performance of the team selected. Using all this information, you will get the best lineup suitable for every match or season. 

                        Here, you are not bombarded with recommendations, but with each insight, the users get suggestions and reasoning behind a selection. As a result, Yahoo Fantasy Sports is building better coordination between humans and AI. 

                        2. DraftKings

                        Another leader in the fantasy sports industry, DraftKings, uses machine learning algorithms to improve gameplay experiences. On DraftKings, the users receive recommendations after the AI model analyzes player performances and historical data. 

                        DraftKings is customizing gameplay for each user tailored to their needs and preferences. It improves player engagement by matching players with competitors that match their skill levels and preferences. 

                        3. SportsLine

                        Enthusiasts are also using SportsLine, a fantasy sports app that provides AI-powered projections and insights. This application processes a wide range of data, including historical insights, injury updates, and past performances, to provide recommendations. 

                        The recommendations provided here are detailed, guiding the user's decisions. Using this information, users can improve player lineup and understand game dynamics, giving the users a strategic advantage. 

                        4. IBM Watson for Fantasy Golf

                        We have earlier discussed how IBM Watson is employed in fantasy football. At the same time, it is also applicable in fantasy golf with the purpose of improving user experience. 

                        This AI tool considers player preferences, course conditions, and other aspects to predict shot outcomes. Moreover, it helps users choose the best golf players for their fantasy team. 

                        In addition to this, you can find other fantasy sports apps offering similar features and advantages. ESPN Fantasy Football helps users draft the best football teams using their preferences and the league context. 

                        FanDuel leverages the power of AI to deliver real-time updates to users during live matches. This means when the game is ongoing in the real world, you can use FanDuel to predict the scores on the go. 

                        Then we have FantasyPros, CBS Sports Fantasy, and Sleeper-like applications offering amazing benefits. 

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                        Fantasy sports are gaining popularity, and AI is helping users become better at their games. The users are harnessing AI to take home larger winnings and create an immersive experience aligning their preferences and goals. AI is actively being used in fantasy sports app development, where the end-users benefit from predictive analytics, data analysis, and real-time recommendations. 

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