At Intuz we aspire to create apps those are innovative, intuitive and productive. We go beyond the set standards and aggressively challenge the limits of what has been done conventionally. We employ one of the most innovative teams of thinkers in the industry to ensure the incomparable outcome.

These studios are logical divisions within the company based on focused objectives. All divisions are nimble enough to utilize skills of all the team members, but also precisely structured to follow the objective protocols.

We assist start-ups building businesses, not just apps

Welcome to our Start-up Studio – scrupulously designed start-up program for passionate entrepreneurs venturing into apps landscape!

We, at INTUZ, incubate, create and promote your dream apps offering well-crafted professional consultation support to your start up!

In simple terms, we help building your start-up business and not just an app. See if you can answer these simple questions!

  • Is my idea sustainable on long term?
  • What would make my app users stay engaged again and again?
  • Which monetization plan would be most suitable? Fee, paid or freemium!
  • Identifying value proposition - why would users buy my solution?
  • How to create a buzz in the market for my app?
  • Need stunning app prototype to establish seed / VC funding?

Our start-up studio team will work as your extended team assisting you to address the answers to the above questions.

Our solutions empower you to drive businesses, not just develop an app for you!

We transform ideas into a way of life that captivates audiences, generates revenues! It’s easy to kick-start business but staying in competition need capital, understanding of industry & technology and resources.

Right from crafting a stunning App UI for funding proposal, vetting market trend to creating tailored web or mobile apps and pre and post launch marketing – this is how we help you evolve, acting as a true technology partner.

What do you expect from our start-up studio?

Intuitive Prototype Design For VC Funding

Create stunning app prototypes for seed funding proposal.

Expert Industry Consultants

Understand your market, geography, target audience, and its’ pain points so as to design a solution that addresses your objectives and realizes goals.

Open Communication

We’re business enablers. We educate you, provide market insights and recommend the right app solutions that will work for your startup. We will openly communicate if your idea is not feasible and does not hold merit.

Captivating Enterprising App

Design and develop a captivating app that drives revenue by identifying value for your business as well as for your target audiences.

Reliable Technology Associate

Recommend best suitable technology, tool, and platform for apps development.

Committed Project Manager

Accountable for project execution starting from app design to development and launch.

Expert Marketing Strategists

We don’t stop at creating an app! Our marketing evangelists help increase your apps downloads and have it stand out of the pack using their killer marketing instincts.

Professional Support

We believe in a long-term association. Our dedicated support development team helps you for all post completion support that you may need to any technology update, new enhancements and more.

On Time Delivery

We respect deadlines and go well with your proposed plan.

With these deliverables, we design, develop and promote your apps with the focused objective of gearing up your start-up.

Studio benefits

  • Confidentiality

    We understand our ethical duty of confidentiality and follow a professionally drafted mutual NDA while entering into business association.

  • Technological Edge

    We go beyond the set standards and intensively challenge the limits of what has been done conventionally.

  • Synergistic / Systematic Approach

    Our collaborative and systematic approach helps us in utilizing the skills of all dedicated team members leading towards an incomparable outcome.

  • Flexible Pricing Model

    You can select from fixed price model or hire a dedicated team to work exclusively on hourly / monthly basis on your project.

  • Smooth Communication

    We embrace transparency in communication through weekly reports, periodic productivity, and stringent quality checks.

  • Dedicated Resources

    We deploy a dedicated team to work exclusively on your project as per agreed terms and conditions, which often outperform.

  • Technology Partners

    You get reliable technology partners for life, getting your app business up and running.

  • Long-Term Association

    Mutual understanding is the key to our long-term association, which has always been rewarding.

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Solution driven approach for your evolving requirements

Whether it’s an on-going app product enhancement or a full blown product development need, at INTUZ, we have the right engagement models that your business demands!


Collective team efforts

Our Agile Studio is a well-designed ‘task-based engagement model’ helping you explore your project based possibilities utilizing experience and expertise of our entire development squad. Infusing our experienced talents having right technological skills with your in-house team at the time when it is needed the most will help bring your products to market much faster.


Scale on-demand

You can ramp up or down the resources, adapt to evolving needs and have a complete control over the development process. Sounds good?


Tightly controlled development process

Does your project demand controlling resources and tasks to get the best outcome? Select either time & material model or dedicated hire model – whichever suits your project needs. We are committed to serve you for any technology upgrade, platform migration, new feature additions to your product, or just maintenance and support.


What you can expect from our agile studio?

Flexible Resource Allocation

Flexible ramp up and down of resources as per project need basis.

Flexible Costing Model

Select dedicated developer hire or time & material engagement model

Stay On Top

You stay informed about work updates through regular meetings with project manager/resources and through our tailor made project management system.

Single Point Of Contact - Project Manager

Understands your business needs, identifies your challenges and suggests solutions for you to consider and implement for your project.

Customer First

Our approach towards solutions will revolve around how we can simplify and grow your business through custom apps that help your customers stay engaged with your business.

Time Bound Delivery

Scrupulous planning and delineated development process enables us deliver desired solution on time.

No Hidden Cost

No surprise cost charged due to well-planned strategies.

Solution Driven Approach

We understand your niche, challenges and industry trend and deliver a sustainable solution.


We believe in long-term relation. Our dedicated support development team delivers all possible support, which you may need post project completion.

Studio benefits

  • Accountability Of Actions

    We are accountable for all our actions and inactions.

  • True Technology Partners

    You earn a reliable, long-term and win-win partnership.

  • Long Term Association

    Associating for long-term is our most cherished reward.

  • Well Rounded Team Of Professionals

    Having years of cumulative experience you get a team of professional technocrats.

  • Full Service Terminal

    Having hands on experience in apps ecosystem, we’re full service destination delivering high-end apps solutions.

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Reinforce your resources with our extended team studio

It’s good to grow fast and grow sustainable. Don’t let shortage of skilled resources derail your projects! Manage your projects with our Extended Team Studio.

Spot the technical nerds required for your project(s)

Have a project where resources with specific technology experience is missing in your internal team? We can help! You can identify the right technical talent for your stagnant project and have it get started. Shortlist the required resource from our below pool of experts!

  • Creative UI designers
  • Project manager
  • Quality analyst
  • Business analyst
  • App developers (iOS, Android, PHP, .NET, and more…)

Scrutinize experienced resources best fit for your project

Selection process is simple! Get the resumes of suitable resources matching your requirement! Review resumes, pick the best talents to work on your project!

Just as you select your in-house team.

Intensive interview

It’s time to test their skill sets, get to know their experience and subtle nuances of their previous project work! You can have one-to-one conversation with the selected technology experts and take a full length interview till you are satisfied with the skill sets, experience and expertise.

Decide hiring duration

Now comes the duration for which you would like to hire the selected experts on your project. It’s again your personal preference for how long you want the resource to work as an extension of your internal team.

Get the ball rolling setting up a micro agency team

This way you can set up a micro agency team of your own hiring dedicated resources from our crew of developers. This micro agency will complement your internal team in skill sets, experience and expertise and bring fresh perspective to every project, working synergistically with your in-house team on your server managed by your project manager.

It’s just YOUR team!

What you can expect from our extended team studio?

Fully White Label Service

The work carried out by your dedicated team will be fully white label and it won’t be disclosed or show cased on our portfolio. The solution is just yours. You’re the sole owner of the product with all IP rights.

Development On Your Server

When requested, your extended team will work on your server ensuring the delivery of a fully confidential app solution.

Dedicated Resources – Committed To Your Project

You get dedicated team of resources and infrastructure complementing your in-house team and working along with your in-house development team.

Secure Development Environment

The work environment is highly secure with round the clock office security and under strict data security environment.

You Hold Complete IP Rights

Resources will develop solutions as per your needs and does not retain the IP rights. The project source code and IP is owned by you.

Deliver Much Desired Support

We ensure the resources deliver the right technical support when and where required. We are always prepared to go extra mile to provide project support requiring resources which may not be a part of your team if need be.

Studio benefits

  • Full Service Micro Agency

    You get a full circle micro agency working as your extended team. It works in collaboration with your in-house team, offering premium white label solutions to gain a competitive edge.

  • Reliable Technology Partners

    We believe in long term association. Working on this philosophy, you can count on us for any business need considering the extended team as your own.

  • Tools For Communication

    With our highly secure and custom built project management system, you can communicate with your resources more freely and have all the communication between your teams at one place allowing you to track progress of the project.

  • Valuable Resource Addition To Your Business

    Without required resources and skill sets you cannot compete at global landscape. Your extended team with desired expertise amplifies your business taking it to next level.

  • Premium Turn-key Apps

    We constantly challenge our innovative limits. You get high-end turn-key mobile/web apps as per your specification from a team of adept technocrats.

  • Assured Security

    Confidentiality is the core to our business objective! All your projects are developed following strict security policies.

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